Firm Profile


From a practice that started in Singapore two decades ago to one of the region’s foremost law firm, Goodwins Law Corporation has come a long way. Whether it is the width and depth of our services, our regional footprint or our client roster, we have grown from strength to strength. But the one thing that has remained unchanged over the decades is our values, our principles and our commitment to clients’ success. All this comes from the deep belief that a good law firm is not just one that offers the most qualified team or the most intricate legal solutions – it is one that is able to give its clients the quiet confidence and assurance of a successful outcome.


Great organizations are built on a solid foundation of strong values.


An ideal legal solution is the coming together of art and science. It is predicated on a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, and the manner in which that knowledge is applied. This comes only with years of experience of working with global clients and their intricate needs. At Goodwins, we believe that successful outcomes for our clients begin with an experienced team of highly qualified, dynamic lawyers.


The best outcomes are achieved when the client is as much a part of the process and the solution, as the legal team. So, the Goodwins team works closely with the client in deciding the strategy and evolving the solution. We believe that collaboration is the key to creating a solution that truly works. Because, every solution is unique to not just the client, but also the specific situation at hand.


We do a deep dive into understanding the issues with our clients and treat each relationship as a long term one instead of being transactional. Over time, these deep relationships lead to enduring and long term solutions.


Finally, the one thing that can truly make a difference in creating the ideal solution is the ability to go beyond the obvious and see the things that might not be immediately apparent to others. At Goodwins, we call this insight. So, our lawyers are never satisfied with scratching the surface. They engage deeply with their clients to understand every nuance of the problem at hand. Only then, is the winning insight apparent.